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4 Ways to Work With Greige Siding

Gutters Not Ready for Winter Greige, a shade of gray and beige, is one of the hottest trends in home color schemes, so much so that manufacturers have started making siding in the color. Greige is an interesting neutral hue because it doesn’t naturally run either warm or cool. Rather, the warmth of the beige and cool of the gray cancel each other out, leaving you with a true neutral. Greige siding should become a classic. However, you can also work with the color and the siding itself to highlight the beauty of your now-trendy house color.

1. Evaluate the Warmth of the Siding Color

If the gray and beige base colors are mixed in an equal ratio, the resultant color is a true neutral. However, manufacturers can alter the ratio, leaving the greige leaning more toward the warm spectrum if they add more beige or cool if they add more gray. So, if you’re looking at greige siding for your house, or if it already has greige siding, you’ll need to determine if the color swings toward one temperature or the other. Warm greige will have yellow undertones from the beige, and cool greige will have blue undertones from the gray. Just looking at the siding might be enough for you to determine if it looks warm or cool. If you’re not sure, hold up a yellow item and a blue item next to it. The siding color should show a natural affinity for one or the other based on its undertones. If it doesn’t, you probably have a true neutral. This determination will help you choose the rest of your palette.

2. Choose Trim Colors Accordingly

Your greige siding will make up the majority of your house’s façade. So, greige will comprise the base color of your palette. For the most harmonious look, you’ll want to choose a cohesive color for the trim. You’ll use this color for the window casements, fascia, railings, gutter, and other trim. If you’ve evaluated your greige siding’s undertones, you can also pull the warmth or coolness out to the trim. For instance, warm greige looks great with warm eggshell accenting – imagine a very pale warm beige. Cool greige matches well with cool white. If your cool greige is light, consider adding some black to the accenting.

3. Add Deep Colors

In that vein, if your greige siding runs light, consider adding some depth to the color scheme. You can use this color for shutters and/or the garage door. Navy, deep shades of brown, and charcoal work well to add that depth of color. Adhering to your determination of the color’s warmth, you’ll want to choose the deep color accordingly. Naturally, charcoal and navy work best with cool greige. Brown more often runs warm, so deep brown will complement warm greige. If you’ve chosen darker greige siding, you may want to lighten up the façade of your home in one of those areas. So, choose the deep color for either the shutters or garage door, and select a light hue for the other. For example, a white garage door usually works well to lighten up a dark home color.

4. Finish with the Right Door

Your front door usually operates as its own entity in the façade’s color scheme. You can choose a color from the rest of the palette. For example, you might opt for a navy, deep brown, or charcoal front door to match other deep colors in your palette. However, designers often go rogue for the front door. For example, you can add a color whose hue is complementary to the warmness or coolness factor of your greige siding. Red is naturally warm, so it can add a pop of beautiful color in a cool greige exterior. That said, any color can feature warm or cool undertones. So if you have a warm greige exterior, you can use a warm blue, such as teal, for the door. Complement your greige siding with the right colors for a cohesive home façade. Visit Allstate Gutter & Siding for a wide variety of siding and trim options.

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