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Be a Maintenance Vigilante for Your Home

As a homeowner, you can be a maintenance vigilante for your residential property. No one knows your residence as well as you do or spends more time there. You live in your home at all times of the day and night and during all seasons of the year, which gives you unique insight into how your home holds up during all kinds of weather.

With a bit of attention and care, you can maintain your home in a conscientious way. Here are some areas that you should check on to keep your residence well maintained.

Rain Gutters

Keep watch on your rain gutters before, during, and after a rainstorm. When the weather is dry, look at your gutters to see that they are clear of fallen leaves, dirt, and other debris.

Whenever possible, get on a ladder and look down the entire length of your gutters to determine that they are clean and clear. After a good rain, check that the drainage is clear and freely flows out of your gutter downspouts.

If you notice that your gutters are not readily draining or if you find that you have leaks in your home or garage, you need to have your gutters cleaned, maintained, and possibly replaced. Contact a professional gutter and siding company to make a site visit and thoroughly examine your rain gutter system and give you options for making it fully functional.

Exterior Siding

The siding on your home is a source of protection and beauty. Residential siding can be made of vinyl, wood, metal, or other composite materials. Each of these materials is durable and protects your home in different ways.

Look at the siding on all of your exterior walls to see that it is in good condition and not showing any signs of wear and tear. Look at it again after you have any wind or weather to see that there are no visible stains or leaks.

If you find any siding panels that are weak, broken, or not well attached to your exterior walls, you should fix them before they become a problem. Have a professional examine your siding and make recommendations for any areas that need to be repaired or replaced.

All Windows

Look at the windows in your home and garage often to ensure that they are fully operational and can protect you from heat, cold, wind, and weather. Examine your windowpanes to see that they are not cracked and that the putty that holds them in place is not missing and does not have gaps.

For casement windows, check that they open and close easily and that the cranking mechanism operates smoothly. For double hung windows, make sure that they move easily and do not stick in any position.

Inspect all window casings and channels to see that they are clean, clear, and not rusted. Also, look to see that your interior and exterior window rails and side jambs are in good condition and not warped or chipped. After windy or rainy weather, check that your windows do not leak or allow cold air to enter your house.

If you find any problems with your windows, it is best to have them professionally repaired before inclement weather arrives.

Be a maintenance vigilante for your home by inspecting it often and taking care of small problems before they become bigger problems. Contact us at Allstate Gutter & Siding as we have the experts who can work with you to keep your residence in good condition and energy efficient. We will work on your schedule to keep your home safe and secure so that you can live there for many years.

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